A Princess after God’s own heart.

These past days I had been thinking of earthly thoughts – human thoughts, physical thoughts, worldly thoughts .. rather than my faith. My perspective was off! I know that we as christians should live by faith and not by sight. I need to adjust my  perspective to match God’s view of my life. Having a heart after God .. To live everyday for God.

Arielle Palasigue Padasas, one of my treasured friends that I will always have in my heart.. Just a few months ago, she died after a long illness. I was so shocked and depressed, that almost every night I commit myself to go there at her wake after school. I was so down. And all I really want that moment is just to spend my time with her in her last days.

Going back to the moment I entered the church where she lies.. I found myself crying so hard in front of her coffin.. My emotions are really overflowing up to the point that I can’t contain it anymore.. Her mom stood beside me.. I confide in her and she comforted me.. It was so awkward that time .. Knowing that I should be the one doing it to her..

Suddenly, all of the memories that we had as good friends came to me just like a huge flashback in the movie..

It is awesome to hear people around her.. addressed her as a heaven sent, an angel, and a princess after God’s own heart.

She loved God, worshipped God, walked with God, served God, and looking forward to be with Him in eternity. She had chosen one thing! The necessary thing each day.. And it is to live EVERY DAY for GOD. She nurtured a heart that is devoted to God.

Arielle, she is an inspiration to me.. She made me realize that I should live my life to the fullest in full service to my God. I want to be like her.. I want to be known just as people knew her.. as a princess after God’s own heart. But ofcourse, in order to be like her, I should make all efforts to do what she did while she’s still alive.. Just like her, I should choose God’s ways at every oppurtunity. I should live a life according to God’s priorities. To make choices that would reflect that God is my ultimate priority. Also, I should commit myself to God daily, just as how she committed her life fully to God and God alone. And I should not forget to always cultivate a hot heart. A heart that is always bursting for God. Bursting in love.. Bursting in hope. Bursting in prayer and in worship. Bursting in eagerness to know Him more and more.

I know that it is not easy to serve God. It will never be easy. But if you really want to honor Him in all your ways, acknowledge Him in every way. Let us be like Arielle. A Princess (Man/Woman) after God’s own heart.

-hugs from MoxyEyez ♥
God bless you!


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