“It’s not you, It’s me.” -Is it really?

image Have you ever used these lines while breaking up with someone? Or have you ever became a victim by this line?

No one likes to be told that he or she isn’t the one” but out of every possible break-up scenario, having these words “it’s not you, it’s me” has to be worst. This phrase is one of the most common break up lines nowadays. And for some, It’s really a great excuse for breaking up, so as not to hurt their partners feelings. But this “it’s not you, it’s me” line put me into another level of realization. This line could be very traumatic for others.. But for me, in opposite of how they feel, it is sweet for me to hear these words, especially coming from the ultimate priority of my life.. – God. Although He didn’t say those exact words to me, when the time that i had read a bible verse during my quiet time, From the book of John 15:18. He said there ” If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” It was an awesome comfort for me that time. To think that I am not deserving for Him. This must be really how He shows his unconditional love for us. It doesn’t matter if were deserving or not, what’s important to Him is that He loves us no matter what. Since then, “It’s not you, It’s me” became a great impact to me. God reminds me that it’s not about me anymore. That it will always be Him. I know that i can’t, and will never be on the same level where God is. But just as to thank Him for  everything.. Just as to give my best for Him. I have decided that from then on, I will forget about myself. That from then on, I will live just for Him. For His glory alone.

We must look at ourselves differently in order to give Him the glory. *See Jude 24-25 It is hard to live every day glorifying God when there is no one paying attention to us, no recognition. We want people to see how great we are. But, we must not forget that as christians we are not after what people might think about us. We are not man’s pleaser. Our goal is not to be successful, but to be faithful. Our focus is to show the glory of God in every aspect of our life. Well, for life is not about you, it’s not about me, it’s not about anyone. It’s God. It’s all about Him.

-hugs from MoxyEyez ♥ God bless you!


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