Dear Tidg,

Our little conversations are turning into little sweet sensations

And they’re only getting sweeter every time

Our friendly get-together are turning into visions of forever

If I just believe this foolish heart of mine

Whenever we’re together, I’m wishing that goodbyes would turn to never

‘Cause with you is where I always wanna be

Whenever I’m beside you, all I really wanna do is hold you

No one else but you has meant this much to me

I can’t pretend  that I’m just a friend 

‘Cause I’m thinking maybe we were meant to be

I think I’m  falling in love with you

And I don’t know what to do

I’m afraid you’ll turn away

But I’ll say it anyway

I’m falling for you.

Love, Micah  


©  Fallin’ lyrics – Janno Gibbs